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Message from the developer

Hey everyone,

I launched WZ Ranked in December 2020 as a passion project to improve my squad's Warzone experience. At the time there was no way to track our seasonal progress or view stats broken down by a game mode. I came up with a new method to derive and aggregate all player stats from individual match data instead of relying on the limited set of data provided by the game. While slower and more resource intensive, this new method has allowed me to provide more accurate and granular player statistics, which were otherwise not available in game.

I am very fortunate so many of you have provided positive feedback and supported the project since its early days. It has grown to become an important tool for many Warzone players, let alone my own squad. It has become my form of content creation. Over the months, we were able to introduce many unique ways to look at your stats, such as charts showcasing your progression, teammate stats comparison, matches played against popular streamers, seasonal leaderboards as well as the global loadout meta statistics.

I have more unique ideas that I want to test with Warzone 2.0. I cannot wait to share them all with you in the near future.

Good luck in Al Mazrah,



Game play data is retrieved from Our stats may differ from in-game stats or other trackers, because we derive all player stats by ourselves from your individual match data.

Game images are used for illustrative purposes and are copyrighted properties of Activision Publishing, Inc.


Thanks to Liam for inspiration and curating a community of developers.

Thanks to Scobalula for the help to retrieve in-game images.

Thanks to everyone who supported the project financially or with feedback.

Thanks to all content creators referencing our data in their content and spreading the word about WZ Ranked.