Warzone Loadout Meta
Groza (CW)
The best loadouts for Groza (CW) in Warzone based on in-game usage statistics
Last updated: 2021-10-18 18:00
Attachments for Groza (CW)
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1Axial Arms 3x16.5" CMV Mil-SpecSpetsnaz SpeedgripGRU SuppressorSpetsnaz 60 Rnd Drum6.91.01
2Axial Arms 3x16.5" CMV Mil-SpecSpetsnaz SpeedgripGRU SuppressorVDV 60 Rnd Fast Mag3.80.87
316.2" GRU CompositeSpetsnaz SpeedgripTiger Team SpotlightSerpent GripGRU Suppressor2.20.49
416.2" GRU CompositeInfiltrator GripHawksmoorSpetsnaz PKM StockSpetsnaz 60 Rnd Drum1.50.41
516.5" CMV Mil-SpecSpetsnaz SpeedgripMicroflex LEDGRU SuppressorSpetsnaz 60 Rnd Drum1.51.05
6Axial Arms 3x16.5" CMV Mil-SpecSpetsnaz SpeedgripGRU Suppressor45 Rnd Drum1.30.78
7Axial Arms 3x16.2" GRU CompositeSpetsnaz SpeedgripGRU SuppressorSpetsnaz 60 Rnd Drum1.00.69
816.5" CMV Mil-SpecSpetsnaz SpeedgripSpetsnaz CompensatorDropshot WrapKGB Pad1.00.63
9Axial Arms 3x16.5" CMV Mil-SpecSpetsnaz GripGRU SuppressorSpetsnaz 60 Rnd Drum0.90.81
1016.5" CMV Mil-SpecSpetsnaz SpeedgripGRU SuppressorKGB PadSpetsnaz 60 Rnd Drum0.80.81
11Axial Arms 3x16.7" VDV ReinforcedSpetsnaz SpeedgripGRU SuppressorSpetsnaz 60 Rnd Drum0.70.91
1216.5" CMV Mil-SpecSpetsnaz SpeedgripSuppressorKGB Pad45 Rnd Drum0.70.84
13Axial Arms 3x16.7" VDV ReinforcedForegripSuppressorSpetsnaz 60 Rnd Drum0.70.68
1416.5" CMV Mil-SpecSpetsnaz SpeedgripGRU SuppressorSpetsnaz PKM StockSpetsnaz 60 Rnd Drum0.71.45
15Axial Arms 3x16.5" CMV Mil-SpecSpetsnaz SpeedgripSuppressorSpetsnaz 60 Rnd Drum0.71.18
1616.2" GRU CompositeSpetsnaz SpeedgripMicroflex LEDGRU SuppressorSpetsnaz 60 Rnd Drum0.60.63
1716.5" CMV Mil-SpecSpetsnaz SpeedgripSuppressor45 Rnd Speed MagKGB Pad0.60.85
1816.5" CMV Mil-SpecSpetsnaz SpeedgripGRU SuppressorKGB Pad45 Rnd Drum0.60.78
19Axial Arms 3x16.5" CMV Mil-SpecSpetsnaz GripGRU SuppressorVDV 60 Rnd Fast Mag0.61.10
20Axial Arms 3x16.5" CMV Mil-SpecSpetsnaz SpeedgripSuppressor45 Rnd Drum0.61.08
2116.2" GRU CompositeSpetsnaz SpeedgripTiger Team SpotlightGRU Suppressor45 Rnd Drum0.61.32
2216.5" CMV Mil-SpecSpetsnaz SpeedgripGRU Elastic WrapGRU SuppressorVDV 60 Rnd Fast Mag0.50.58
2316.5" CMV Mil-SpecSpetsnaz SpeedgripMicroflex LEDSuppressorSpetsnaz 60 Rnd Drum0.50.87
2416.5" CMV Mil-SpecSpetsnaz SpeedgripMicroflex LEDGRU SuppressorVDV 60 Rnd Fast Mag0.50.83
2516.5" CMV Mil-SpecSpetsnaz SpeedgripSerpent GripGRU SuppressorSpetsnaz 60 Rnd Drum0.50.77
Source: WZ Ranked calculations, my.callofduty.com data. Note: Weapon, perk and equipment data is daily. Attachment combination data is weekly. It is not possible to retrieve each loadout used by every player in every game from COD API. Only about 2%-6% of data of all loadouts used in a game is retrievable from COD API. Therefore, it is not possible to analyse loadouts for each individual player. However, when aggregated on a global scale of all matches analysed by WZ Ranked it is possible to determine the most popular loadouts in Warzone with a pretty high accuracy. Attachment combination data is less reliable for less popular weapons. All kills or deaths of a player are attributed to the loadout or loadouts that the player used in the game. It is not possible to determine whether kills or deaths occurred before or after equipping the loadout.
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