Leaderboards are back

Leaderboards are back, including the all new Longest Win Streak leaderboard. Soon you will be able to add links to your streams or socials. @onetwoDom

Filters have been enabled on Meta pages

Filters have been enabled on Primary Weapons, Secondary Weapons, Perks and Equipment pages. I am working to add filters to other pages next. @onetwoDom

Past seasons are no longer available

Unfortunately, I was not able to find a sustainable way to keep your historical stats. It is too costly and too resource intensive to process the entire match history for every visitor. From now on I will focus on the current season only. @onetwoDom

The website is under active development

WZ Ranked is undertaking a huge overhaul. Certain features are temporarily unavailable, such as filters, the squad comparison tool or the streamers tracker, some charts are missing. Thank you for your support and patience. @onetwoDom